April 20-25, Lienen, Germany

Brokenhearted Before and After Birth

Spiritual and Psychological Healing

During the prenatal and preconception periods there are certain Emerson Stages that create a life-long template for broken-heartedness. If this wounding is not treated, broken-heartedness recapitulates in life physically, psychologically, and/or spiritually. In this workshop, Dr. Emerson will lead spiritual-based regressions called egressions, and will also lead exercises to deepen bonding, the basic reconstructive aspect of healing. Common outcomes of the workshop are increased intimacy with self and higher self, and relationships.

Course tuition: 870 euro (does not include meals and lodging)

Meals and lodging: 80 euro per day, double room; 90 euro per day, private roo­m. Secure with Margret. (Please do not pay for the workshop on the Emerson web site.)

Location: Hoflaig, 49536 Lienen, Iburger Str. 64, Germany

For more information and to register: Dipl.-Psych Margret Overdick, Tel: 0251 260225, m.overdick@web.de