October 7, Pfäffikon, Switzerland

Energy Field Holding: A Healing Path

One Day Workshop with William Emerson

If you want healing for yourself, your loved ones, or your clients, you must connect with your own field of being, and gradually offer this to others. —Emerson

In this one-day workshop, Dr. Emerson describes the major steps in field holding, leads elementary exercises, and guides participants into spiritual states of consciousness, whereby self-realization, intuition, interconnectedness, and healing occur. In certain states, psychological trauma and shock can be navigated and transformed. Field Holding is a practical process that one can use in daily life or professional practice.

Who is the course for? Shiatsu therapists, Watsu practitioners, water practitioners, cranial-sacral therapists, psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, counselors, lawyers, teachers of children, spiritual teachers, Emerson workshop participants, and personal-growth-seekers. The courses in April and October have different and compatible content and exercises. They are two different courses.

Handout: Steps in (Energy) Field Holding
Reading: Excerpts from “Psychological Field Theory”
Cost: 150 CHF Payable in person (cash), or by PayPal, or to pay by credit card contact Zahira Rabinowitz at Emerson Seminars: 707 763 7024.
October 7, 2018
Location: Veronika’s Office, Seestrasse 27, in 8330 Pfäffikon ZH
To Register: Contact Veronika Ruefenacht at veronika.ruefis2@bluewin.ch or +41 44950 3581