What People Say About Consult Sessions:

 “William is an amazing empathic healer. He has a deep understanding of prenatal and birth related issues. His methods are gentle yet amazingly powerful. My sessions with William were profoundly healing.” Nancy Lankston, Author, Healer, Seminar Leader.  Kansas City, 2009.

“William is a master at what he does. As a teacher, therapist, healer and philosopher, there are few who surpass him in knowledge, compassion or expertise in the world of pre and perinatal psychology. I honor this man, his wisdom, experience and caliber of humanity.  As his student I learned how profoundly our lives are altered by our experiences in utero, and learned valuable skills for helping my clients to understand and heal  from those experiences. My connection to Dr. Emerson was nothing less than life altering as he guided my own healing journey.” Glennie Feinsmith, LCSW, June 2014.

“Everyone in the group of 20 professionals (psychologists, social workers and counselors) recognized the high-caliber and unique quality of the training that Dr. Emerson provided. All of our practitioners, including myself and my Wellness Co-Founder, continue to use his unique and evidence-based approaches in our clinical practices. This propelled our success rates beyond what anyone imagined, so much so that with his sanction, we published a book inspired by his trainings.”  David Hartman, LCSW, Director, The Wellness Institute        (Read full letter here)

“Thank you deeply for such a profound workshop. Words cannot explain how incredible I found the experience and how I feel positively different as a result of it. I’d love to see you again and am hoping to join one or both of your workshops next year.” Eleni L, East Sussex England, July, 2017