How we work

All Emerson Seminars courses are safe, structured, results-producing courses specifically designed to address prenatal and perinatal (birth) shock and trauma. Using powerful, effective and practical techniques, those attending Emerson Seminars courses have the opportunity to identify, explore and heal wounds emanating from the prenatal and birth periods. Each seminar is unique and is designed with the individual participants and specific group in mind. Specific techniques can include: Spirit Pulsations©, Egressions©, Pre and Perinatal Sand Tray Therapy©, Relational Shock Clearing Process©, Spirit Experiencing©, Soul Experiencing©, Craniosacral Therapy, and Energy Field Exercises©, art therapy, Video Reflection Therapy© and more. Workshops are primarily experiential with some lecture and demonstrations to provide an informational foundation in Prenatal and Birth Psychology. Activities can involve the whole group, small groups or individuals. Activities are paced so that participants can clarify and integrate insights and return home with the ability to integrate necessary life changes.